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VA25307 Ceramic Tile Giesta

The Ceramic Tile Giesta has the measure 9.84 x 43.31" (25,00 x 110,00 cm) and is part of our Ecológica collection. The product is a Ceramic Tile of high quality and can be applied in various environments to further enrich the decoration of your home or work environment.

Following the international design trends with finishes that add beauty and sophistication, ViaÁpia is a brand specializing in the manufacture of ceramic floor and wall coverings in the dry process.

It is also important to remember that the Ceramic Tile Giesta, besides having a greater ease at the time of cleaning, also helps to leave the temperature of the place more pleasant, especially in the hottest periods of the year.

ViaÁpia's ceramic tiles stand out for using Full HD digital printing technology in the dry process. The company was the first in the world to master this technique on the manufacturing of his products.

Get to know more ViaÁpia ceramic tiles, another brand of the Lef Group.

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Technical Specifications


9.84 x 43.31" (25,00 x 110,00 cm)


LC + LF - LC - All medium to high traffic residential and commercial environments. + LF - Internal and external walls and facades.


Wall, Floor.


Facade, Bathroom, Bedroom, Kitchen, Living Room, External Area.


Gritty, Rectified, Relief Surface.

Tone Variation

V3 - Moderate variation, the colors present in one piece will be part of the colors present in other parts and the amount of colors on each piece may vary.

Print Variations

F12 - Up to 12 variations.

Minimum Joint

0.08" (2,00 mm)

Coefficient of friction

< 0,4